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Standing Lamb Desktop Calendar 2017

Standing Lamb Calendar 2017

Jeteven Lovely Cartoon Animals 2017 Table Desktop Monthly Calendar Stand Lamb
Sold by: Bestcombine


The cute table or desk calendar. A cartoon lamb that stands by himself using a-frame supports. It is whimsical drawings that are placed on the lambs’ forehead. Appears as though that is what the little guy is thinking about. For example, on his forehead is a flower he may be hoping for spring or wishing for a sunny day. ZZzzz in July like the lazy days of summer.

I generally buy huge calendars, because I need to make notes about important dates or apt. times. I just thought the lamb was cute I couldn’t resist. Although, I did remedy my being able to write in what’s happening during the month. I simply circle the day and then on the back of the month write why it is circled. All I have to do is flip up the page to read my notes so, I can enjoy the lamb calendar and keep myself organized. YEAH!

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