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Tire Pressure Gauge Key Ring with LCD Readout

Tire Pressure Gauge Key Ring

Tire Pressure Gauge Keychain Ring Mini Simple Portable Digital LCD 150 psi – NUWA [Free Return]

Sold by: Good Sign


I got this for my daughter who relocated from sunny So. California to lake affect snow in north-eastern Ohio. I visited last fall. I couldn’t help but notice, that she was always conscious of her tire pressure, checking it often, as the weather changed from day to day. Living in California my entire life the thing I ever worried about as far as the tires on my car was whether they had air and tread. I learned while there that tire pressure is really, important to safely drive in the rain and snow. Who knew?


The problem I saw was no matter where she was going she would stop at the neighborhood gas station and use the tire pressure gauge they had available.  Nice that it was available, but every time she used it, her hands would get black greasy stuff on them and if she wasn’t careful her clothing too.

While surfing Amazon, I spotted this tire pressure gauge. Totally portable because it’s a key ring. Yet, capable of measuring up to 150 psi, which is more than sufficient since, car tires are usually around 32 PSI (pound per square inch).  Tire pressure gauge also uses 3 other forms of measurement depending on the system used where you live is what measurement you go by. The others are KPA (Kilopascals), BAR(newton per micrometer) and KG/CM(k per Square Centimeter). I instantly thought of all the time she spent at the station and bought it immediately. It can be used on any tire that has a valve stem.


I am certain it will make life easier for her since, stopping at the gas station is now about getting gas. She will always have it with her. Even though it’s compact, the LCD readout is large making it easy to read.  It is used just as any other tire gauge, no fancy training required. The tires I used for demonstration was a project car and a dirt bike both obviously need air in the tires. lol

Now whether it be raining, snowing, or a beautiful day she can check her tire pressure in her own drive-way or where she may be. I think she is going to love it. I must say never did I think I would give my daughter such a gift. I look at it this way, I am giving her the gift of time.  She will gain 5 minutes every time she heads out for the day. I like that idea gaining roughly a 1/2 hour a week to spend with her family makes this gift priceless. How often can you say that about a gift given?

Affordable, durable, compact and most of all accurate. Totally worth every penny I spent. I know I will be ordering another, for my son in law.  I have also told other members of the family of the convenience and affordability of my newest Amazon find.

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