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Charcoal Fiber Bath and Facial Brush Set By Flend US

Bathing and Facial Brush Set

Flend Soft Charcoal Fibre Bath Brush+Facial Cleasing Brush Long Bamboo Handle Massage Brush Exfoliating Skin Care (Black Flower Shape)

Sold by: Flend US


Simply wonderful, those are the first words that came to my mind the minute I opened the box. When I took the wrapping off the brushes and felt the bristles. I mean I am literally searching for the words to describe how soft or how dense the bristles are on these bath brushes.

The description states there are over 1.8 million ultra-fine charcoal fibers that make up the brush heads. All I know, is they are so velvety and so thick almost impenetrable. I wouldn’t have guessed the bristles are charcoal?

The real test, the shower, washing with this brush is heavenly. My normal body wash makes a silky-smooth lather. When I put the two together it’s like washing with a Cashmere washcloth, only better. There was no shedding either, which I expected so I paid close attention for the fine fibers to fall out, there was none. I was pleasantly surprised, that my skin felt super clean too. I don’t think I’ll ever bath with anything else.

Look at the pictures as to the density of the bristles I could not get to the wood through the bristles even when wet as the small brush is I could not part them all the way to the brush head. Super velvety and closely bound together. These are extremely well made.

It’s opulence at its finest. Spa day happens with every shower I love these brushes. Large bamboo wood handle is easily gripped even with soapy hands, and long enough I can reach my entire back with little effort. At night when I remove the dirt and grime of the day from my face the small facial brush is perfect for this. It really gets into every pore lifting and cleaning out every pore. It isn’t harsh in any way, and when finished my face is glowing and looks so fresh and clean.

I love it when thing work as they are supposed to or better. This is not my first purchase from this brand of beauty products. I keep coming back because I have not been disappointed by any purchase from this company. They know how to spoil a woman with great quality products at affordable prices. This bathing brush, and its facial brush counterpart have exceeded all my expectations about body bathing brushes. Again, they have packaged this product to impress the receiver, even if you buy it for yourself as I have. Just the packaging alone is going to knock your socks off.  The come in extra-heavy cardboard box that is textured with gold embossed maker name. A box meant for presentation.

I have bragged to everyone I know, telling them all that these brushes are worth every penny spent on them and that they won’t be disappointed if they purchase this set. I will absolutely purchase from this line of products again. They are that fabulous.

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