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Digital Bathroom Scale, LCD Readout

Digital Bathroom Scale

Digital Bathroom Weight Scale-Lighted Backlit LCD Display-Tempered Glass Platform Step-On Technology-Elegant Contemporary Look-400 Ib. Capacity-2 YEAR WARRANTY-HIGHLY ACCURATE -BATTERIES INCLUDED
Sold by: SimplyModern



The new year and the new me. Isn’t the phrase? Well I was tricked into a weight loss challenge with a few of my friends over the New Year holiday. We all decided to help and encourage each other into living more health-conscious lives.


Our first weigh in after we had made this pact, was not fun. I either guessed totally wrong or, I gained 20 pounds in 10 days. Certain it’s the former not the latter I realized I do need to get serious about this no wonder I have been feel sluggish. I imagine an extra 20 lbs. will do that.


I like the that the bathroom scale has a glass top surface which, makes it super easy to keep clean. The sleek, black glass design makes it feel more like a decoration, rather than a weight loss tool. It has a geometric type pattern in white ¼ inch line work, keeping with the fresh clean lines, and over all appearance. There are four 1” diameter cushioned feet. The scale is very stable even stepping onto one foot at a time it doesn’t tip or shift. The surface I stand on is nearly one square foot. I can easily stand on the scale and still see the measurement. Which is a LCD digital readout. The scale does require 2 AAA batteries (they are included). I am really pleased with the look and performance.

What I like the most, is the ability to change between metric measurement of weight to pounds and ounces and back again. There is a small button on the underside, of the scale push it once to change unit of measures. I took my scale and changed to kilos only 64.7 kilograms is not as bad as 143 pounds so, for now my new bathroom scale is staying that way. At least for now.


I would recommend this scale to others, it is not obtrusive, and won’t take over the entire bathroom. Heck its almost art deco, and will go with most decor. I would buy it again because it is money well spent and that makes me happy.

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