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Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Wireless Microphone Karaoke, Portable Karaoke Player with Bluetooth Speaker for Home KTV Singing Support IOS Apple Iphone Ipad Android Smartphone PC

Sold by: Salvatore54


I got this for my granddaughters who all love singing along with the radio. Have put concerts and shows on for the adults in their life present company included. The karaoke microphone made its debut at my 11-year-old granddaughters birthday party.

The testers, a group of eight girls. The ages of the kids were 4 – 15 yrs. of age. All the girls sang and danced and slumber partied the night away. Their comments were, It was really cool and everybody loved it and had fun with it”. The one complaint they all had was that they had to have their mouths on the microphone to make it loud so they could be heard over the music.

The party karaoke microphone was a big hit and lent itself to hours of entertainment. I am certain they will use it even if there isn’t a party going on. The 4-yr. old loves the echo feature and wanted to sing every song with echo on. She had a blast with it.

Product seems to be well made and can last for years. The all metal housing makes it very kid friendly. I could only get a couple brave girls to show me how it works (check the video). I think they sound pretty, good, yea? If mom or I wanted to save for posterity the microphone can be hooked up to my pc, my laptop, or my phone, the device chosen, would be the recording studio, backing up their performances via USB.


I am glad I bought for them and would do it again. I have told others about the karaoke microphone. I believe it is worth money spent. If it makes my granddaughters laugh and giggle I would spend twice as much. Glad it was affordable and fun.


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