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The Tablet by: Tomer Mash

My TABLET Children’s book

By: TomerMash

Sold by: yomaSell


I have a granddaughter that lives for YouTube videos. If she isn’t a sleep, in school, the bath, or eating she is on her tablet watching kids on the beach building a sand castle. (True example) It concerns me that she spends so much of her time watching life instead of living it. In this book titled. “The Tablet,” the author writes of a young boy that does little more than play with his tablet. It has become his main source of entertainment and friendship.


He is in his room a lot not interacting with people, not even his parents. Not until a friend comes to visit is he reminded of how much fun playing outside can be. After playing ball outside in the sunshine all day, he begins to realize that making time for play away from his tablet is good too. He decides doing both would be better.

The illustrations are fabulous. They are bright, eye catching scenes sure to grab a little’s attention. The book is a quick read and would be great for bedtime tale, or group readings and discussion afterward. The moral of the story may be lost on younger children, and they may need a little more detail, for to fully understand the lesson being taught.



It’s a good read, and a lesson is being taught through the story so, I bought this book for my granddaughter. I am hoping that when my daughter reads it to her, they are both reminded that there is more to life than watching children build sand castles on the beach. Maybe they will understand and they will go build a sand castle together.

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