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Electronic Pulse Massager with 16 Modes

Electronic Pulse Messager

AccuMed AP212 Portable TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager with 16 Modes – FDA Approved with Clinically Proven Professional Effectiveness for Home Medical Use
Sold by: FirstVision Technologies


I get this, I guess it would be called a pinched nerve in my knee. Not sure if that what it is, but it just hurts for no reason. A friend of mine told me to acupuncture. Not! Somehow an electronic pulse, also known as Electrotherapy or basically electric shock is something I could live with. Whereas, having a bunch of needles shoved into my skin is never going to happen.
I got my pulse massager yesterday from Amazon so when I woke up this morning and my knee was killing me I decided no time like the present, to review. I got out the massager plugged in the “electrode pads” and left it on my knee for 10 minutes. Wow! It worked! I am really impressed it stopped whatever it was that causes the pain. I have been pain free for hours. I am sold. I don’t know why or how it worked, but I am so glad that I bought this machine.

Machine is easy to use a couple snaps and turn it on the special pads have a snap on them that corresponds to a snap connected to a wire that is plugged into the machine. The pads have this black sticky substance that doesn’t leave a residue and doesn’t hurt when removing it from my skin. It is sticky stuff, but doesn’t even stick to my skin like a band-aid does. Massager comes with A wire and B wire set up. Each wire holds two electrodes. I can use only two or all four that come with the massager. The pulse massager is a lot smaller than I thought it would be it is about the size of a bar of soap only thinner. It has an LCD screen that is easily read. Equipped with 3 different levels of intensity for each of the 6 different pulse choices. The electrode pads are 2 ¼ by 1 ½ inches which is plenty big for any muscle group since I can change the intensity. I only used it to a 5 bars intensity level out of the 20 bars. It feels strange but it doesn’t hurt in anyway. The pulse massager unit is portable and rechargeable (battery included) Adapter/charger included, 4 electrode pads two, two connections wires A & B, a special holder for the pads so black side doesn’t collect dust. It also comes with complete and thorough instructions.

Major benefit is my knee 7 hours after using the pulse massager still doesn’t hurt. I don’t need any more information other than that. I’m sold, I believe, because it works. I couldn’t be a more satisfied customer. Well worth the cost as product does as advertised. That a ten in my book.

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