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Magnetic Key Holder & Mail Organizer

Magnetic Key Holder/Mail Organizer

Magnetic Key Holder & Mail Organizer | Premium Walnut Wood | Self Adhesive Key Rack | Magnetic Key Holder for Wall | Letter Holder | Magnetic Key Hook | 5 Very Strong Magnets | Innovative Design

Sold by: MWod

Advertised as a key holder/mail organizer. So, I will start with the key holder portion of this product. Okay this is amazing, I must admit, when I got this I in no way felt it was going to hold “my” keys. I was thinking spare keys could be hung from it. You know like a padlock key on a ring.


My keys consist of 3 door keys, 2 car keys, 2 store savings cards, a clip for clipping to belt loop, and a dog bone. There is a total of 5 key rings that hold all of keys together, along with the 9 prior mentioned items. My keys easily weigh more than a pound.

Amazement, astonishment, unbelievable all words that would describe my reaction since, this little spot on the key holder “HOLDS MY KEYS!” It grabs the keys from me when the keys get close to the key holder. I was even shaking it, rotating it in circles, and it held. This key holder absolutely works as advertised. However, I do wish, I had a keyhole cut in the back. This would give me the option of hanging the key keeper on the wall. Instead of tacking it up with double sided tape.

That being said, although the key holding aspect amaze me the mail organizer portion of this product is lack luster. in no way can you organize mail you could put a letter say going to be mailed to only 2 or 3 thin letters can fit where it has been deemed to be the mail organizer. so i believe that claim to be a bit of a stretch. Sometimes just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

That space between key holder and wall, in the above picture, it is suppose to be the mail organizer.

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