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Funny Beads

Funny Beads

FUNNY BEADS Crystal Water Marble Size Gel Beads 2,5oz 12-Color Mix Water Marbling Kit – Refillable Sensory Water Beads For Kids For Preschool Activity, Vase Decoration, Plant Watering, Crafts, Wedding

Sold by: Mr&MrsBUTTERFLY


Funny Beads are fun my husband and I had a great time playing with them. Watching them get bigger and bigger and then bouncing them they were a blast. What we couldn’t get over is how small they are to begin like a big piece of sand. After a few hours, they grow larger than a pea about the diameter of a dime.

After hubby and the guys got done playing with the I put them in a vase with some of my quilled flowers. I think they look great. I think they would make a gorgeous center piece for my table. I am going to place them in a shallow container with a few candles of different heights.

Amazingly enough, they are also reusable, just leave them to open air and watch them shrink back to original size. Put them back into water and watch them grow again and again they are incredible. With my purchase of Funny Beads they emailed me an e-book full of fun ways to explore these uniquely entertaining Funny Beads.

I would recommend these to anyone young or old they fun and entertaining, kids will be amazed. We told our nephew they were magic beads. He still talking up the “magic beads” we showed him.


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