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Collapsible Food/Water Bowls for Pets w/carabiner clip and whistles 3

Cafford Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl for Food & Water With Clips & Whistles 3 PCS/ Set
Sold by: Cafford
Found these bowls under travel dog bowls which I needed a bowl that I could leave in my car preferably in the glove box so I know where it’s at when I need it. Living in Bakersfield the summers are excruciating, when it comes to the heat. A short trip to my mom’s leaves my dog frantically panting with her tongue dragging, even though the air conditioning is on.
Last summer I got caught in a road block due to an accident up the road from where I was heading. For 2-hours we sat waiting for them to re-open the road. It was so long that out of fear of the car over-heating; the windows went down and the car was turned off.
We had water but no way to give it to our dog except for the cap of the bottle of water. I couldn’t pour enough cap-fulls of water. Poor thing was so hot by the time we got home she ran through house into the backyard. I followed only to find her lounging in the pool. HA, HA! smart dog, but that isn’t going to happen again.
These collapsible bowls are perfect, the size is perfect for throwing in the glove box for just in case purposes. One for my car and one for hubby’s. The other lol I use for snacking while watching a movie they are great for nuts or dry cereal (I snack on cereal & 2 cups cinnamon toast crunch will fit in each bowl).
Each bowl comes with a carabiner clip and a whistle too. That is great so now when we go hiking I can clip a bowl on my belt loop of rucksack and the dog with have a way to drink water too. Moreover, I’ll have a very loud whistle so, if I need to be found in case of getting hurt or something, while out on my hike.
I love the vibrant colors and easy clean-up of the silicone collapsible bowls. I want more now. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone willing to listen. 3 bowls, 3 carabiner clips, and 3 whistles at a very affordable price, I can’t go wrong with this deal.
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