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OURBAG 5 PCS Storage Bags Cube Travel Luggage

Bad Lemon Award

OURBAG 5 PCS Storage Bags Cube Travel Luggage Waterproof Clothes Organizer Bag Pink Medium
Sold by: Drseewd


I got these because I am getting ready to move and I thought they would be handy for the move to put toiletries, shoes, a few outfits, important papers etc. Things I am going to need right away. Thus, buying me a little time for unpacking. I got them thinking my belonging would be safe, and all together. An affordable solution to my situation.

What I got was not affordable or a solution. In fact, due to the blatant false claims in the item description, I am returning this item. It states right in the title of this item, that these bags are waterproof. To that I saw baloney! These bags aren’t even water resistant. There isn’t any way for them to be waterproof.

The side they are not showing in the advertisement is mesh. To the best of my knowledge, it’s impossible for mesh to be waterproof. It is material with little holes all over it, for goodness sake. Did the seller believe, one would not notice the mesh sides once they received their 5 piece “waterproof” bags purchase?

If you are looking for actual bags that can be used with or as luggage look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you are looking for some bags to use at the lake or beach then these would do since the allow air flow through the mesh that wet swimsuits won’t mildew. However, I do not think that the handles would hold up, if to many wet items were placed in any one of the 5 bags.

I have purchased items whereas the seller has embellished or exaggerated a little, as to how wonderful their product is, but when it comes to an item described being totally and completely false, that upsets me. I would tell everybody I know not to purchase these, in fact I am going to be using a cardboard box instead.

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*****The first recipient of my bad lemon award***


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