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Forehead Thermometer Scanner

Forehead Thermometer Scanner

Medical Forehead Thermometer,P-JING Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Digital Clinical Instant Professional Fever Temperature Infrared Scanner for Baby,Toddlers,Home with Bilingual Celsius Fahrenheit

Sold by: PUJING


I wanted this Forehead scan thermometer for a while now. Ever since, I took care of my in-laws at the last of their lives. I wanted one then, but couldn’t afford to get one.  Now I find myself in the same circumstance only this time it is my mother.

This is going to make it so much easier to keep an I on her health. She coughs a great deal making it difficult to know if its illness or just the same cough.  The doctors say the one of the first signs that it might be illness is fever. It is bothersome to her to constantly be taking her temperature and even more difficult to hold a standard thermometer in her mouth for 3 minutes. This thermometer doesn’t even have to touch her so I can fret over her even while she sleeps.

The first thing I did was check its accuracy against a standard oral thermometer. Then I realize one of the things I need to do is calibrate either up or down to make certain the readout is accurate. Only had to do this once I did have to lower the readout by 0.6 degrees so now it is ready to give accurate temps and it does.

The thermometer can store 30 temp. readings very helpful when I must monitor her temperature. It comes with the 2 AA batteries required to operate it. Even after using a bunch getting set and then actual application the batteries are still strong, which makes me happy I was worried it was going tpo be a be a battery hog but so it’s okay. Also, the instructions are very well written and detailed to make the programming easy. If I can do it anyone can because when it comes to programming electronics I wasn’t given the ability to do that sort of stuff. However, I could go through the 5 steps it needs done prior to first use. The read out is large and bright so easy to use even in dimly lit rooms.

My life just got 10 times easier when I purchased this thermometer. I would recommend this purchase to others that I know and tell them how nice it is to have it and how accurate it is. I haven’t had to do anymore adjustments on it at all.

However, it does have one kind of annoying feature. If I turn the unit on and don’t hurry and take temp an alarm sounds but that is another feature that can be set for both too low of a temp and too high what range is up to you. I love it and in no way regret getting it. So far so good.

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