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Insulated Crimp Terminal Connectors

Insulated Crimp Terminal Connectors

Soloop 650pz M3-M8 Insulated Crimp Electrical Terminal Assortment Wire Connector with Storage Box

Sold by: Asymden


When I spotted these crimp terminal connectors, with so many and different sizes I had to buy one. They were very affordable, besides my husband needs them for work. He is an electrician.  A few months ago, my husband’s tools were stolen along with a big cash of assorted connectors, wire nuts, etc. When something like that happens, it can be costly to replenish your supplies.

He uses them at work and at home. He goes through a lot of them quickly. He prefers the round ended connectors especially since, he is rewiring his project El Camino. He said the round connectors work better using them when wiring an automobile because even if the shimmy makes it come lose, it won’t fall off.


There are many different sizes for the different sizes of wire. They are all neatly organized in a locking plastic storage box . When this was delivered, he got a great big smile on his face like a little boy getting his first hot wheel. I love it when I take a leap and buy something I think he needs and I’m right he did need them. He grabbed his box of terminal connectors and aside from sleep he has been in the El Camino.

I would or better yet my husband (the electrician) would recommend this connector kit. Reminding me, to mention that if these were thrown in a bucket together with any other brands connectors, in his opinion, NO! Scratch that in his professional opinion they are every bit as good and get the job done and do it safely. Which is always his bottom line.



The picture of the 3 connectors. There are numbers on the connectors that tell which size wire to use. Hubby taught me this while doing review figured I would pass information on.


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