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Laser Garden Light

Laser Garden Light.

QIOT Aluminum RG Color LED Christmas Laser Projector Lights, Star Show Projector with Smart Wireless Control and Time Setting for Christmas, Birthday, Outdoor Party, and Outdoor Picnic

Sold by: QITECO

Laser Garden Light.

Oh, my gosh these laser star shows are the coolest thing since sliced bread. Seriously, for parties, holidays, maybe even a wedding depending how it was used. I used it for the holidays, it literally made my entry come alive.

The laser light was so easy to set up. I mean really all I had to do was put the bracket (included) nut and bolt to each side. Next, put the ground stake on and stick the ground stake in the ground. The hardest part of the whole thing was finding a plug that was empty. At Christmas time, this is not an easy task.

Finally get the light plugged in, grabbed the remote that comes with it checked out all the settings, and left it on demo so it would constantly be changing. I love it it’s fun and different than just the lights on the eaves.  Sped it up or slow it down it is beautiful no matter the speed. I’m not sure if a million stars is accurate. It looks as if it were a billion. The laser show that one gets with this unit is exciting to watch.

Starting out a bunch of diamond patterns than the diamonds bursts into a billion stars with chasers, that race around than wham back to the original diamond pattern. The remote control allows me to choose between 3 different speeds, flashing or steady on. What I find so convenient, is the timer settings right on the remote easy to program too. There is a 2H, 4H, and 8H H, representing the hours and the number is how many hours the light will run then automatically shot off that is a really, nice feature.

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