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Jewelry Making Tool Kit

Jewelry Making Tool Kit

NIMI’S Arts & Crafts. All you need to craft your DIY Jewel. 5 Jewelry Pliers, 2 Tweezers, Caliper, Awl, Beadscoop, Needles and 3 copper wires Gold/silver/bronze.

Sold by: NIMI’S


I took up the hobby of silver snitching about 12 years ago, yet I dabble in all aspects of jewelry making. One of my favorite forms of jewelry making is wire wrapping.  The first thing one learns with wire wrapping is, you must have clean bur and scratch free tools. It is rather difficult to polish or file marks out of wire, pert near impossible.

I found it beneficial to just have a set of tools that are just for wire wrapping. So, when I saw this jewelers tool kit complete with wire I bought it. I am so happy I did. This kit contains almost everything needed to make all different types of jewelry. Other than casting or enameling this kit would get it done.

Especially if you do beading or wire work. I love that it comes complete in a very nice zipper case where everything in it is held in its place so keeps it nice and neat. The pliers are amazing. They have cushioned handles which, is very nice your hands can get quite sore if you make a lot of pieces at once. What I like the most is every plier is spring loaded so much easier on my hands.

I am over the moon with my new jewelry tool kit and have already put it through some tests and made a few things. They are comfortable easy on my hands but most important they leave my work mar free and that is the money maker for me. The less my tools mess up the metal the less I have to do to make them beautiful and sellable.

I would and have recommended this kit to a few of my friends already and will continue to share this fabulous find of mine.

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