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Light Blocking Sleep Mask W/ Ear Plugs

Light Blocking Sleep Mask W/ Ear Plugs

Travelmall 3D light blocking eye sleep mask shade eyeshades blinder for sleeping and traveling, with Ear Plugs (black)

Sold by: Travelmall

I got this sleep mask for my daughter who suffers from migraines. So many of the sleep masks eye tight or put pressure on the eyes this one is constructed so that it is pushing out away from the eyes yet still is blacked out, not allowing light in.

This sleep mask comes with a free set of ear plugs and a case to keep them so offers darkness and quiet how can I go wrong with that? I am hoping this sleep mask will give some relief.  Also, the mask has air vents on the side of the eyes allowing for airflow so in the hot months it won’t cause her to sweat when she has to wear it.

The mask has an inside lining that is so soft like mink. The outside is durable polyester & pvc. It is fully adjustable so it doesn’t have to squeeze over her head it fastens with Velcro in the back. It’s a good quality sleep that I hope help with her migraines.

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