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StorageWorks Laundry Hamper

StorageWorks Laundry Hamper

StorageWorks Cotton and Linen Cylindric Laundry Hamper Basket, Waterproof Foldable Bucket Storage Container, Natural, Large, 2-Pack
Sold by: 21KEG


How many ways is there to say fantastic. I needed some new laundry baskets and instead of going the traditional route I went with the 2 pack of hamper bucket type for my laundry. i have purchased a few different items of the StorageWorks brand and have found it to be a high quality, high function product.


I am really glad I did. quality goods this brand hasn’t disappointed me yet. One thing that surprised me the minute they were out of the box was the size they are so much bigger than I expected. Even though they gave the dimensions. I guess it didn’t sound that big.

These bags easily hold 2 large loads of laundry they may be cotton and linen but, they are stiff and stand on their own like a hamper. There is something rigid inside the top seam the makes a rim around the top. The opening is nice and wide a little over 16 inches across.

I have had them for about a week and I am loving them. They are less cumbersome than standard basket, making it easier to haul laundry up and down the stairs. They also fold up so if I am not using them I could store them away. As if, am I ever not going to have laundry? lol.


I would totally recommend this hamper that comes 2 in the package to others these are well made, easy to use, and seem to be heavy duty and durable. The one thing I wish were different is the color. However, much I like the natural look I’m pragmatic and I am putting dirty husband clothes in them so I wish they came in a darker color. Not going to knock them for that.

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