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Electronic Bug Zapper PestZilla

Electronic Bug Zapper: PestZilla

PestZilla™ Robust UV Electronic Bug Zapper – 20 Watts, Large-area Protection – Up to 6,000 Sq. Feet / For Indoor Use – Kills Flies, Mosquitoes, Insects, Etc. – Enjoy an Insect Free Environment

Sold by: Pestzilla

img_5059Bugs beware mama has a new light for them. Wow, am I excited for spring because it going to be a whole new ballgame with these so called Bakersfield No See-ums. Don’t know what they are called. That’s just the name I have been told. They are crazy little flying critters, that zoom in bite and zoom, they are gone. Hence the No See-ums part in the name. Bright lime green and they bite hard.

Also with the drought and no trees from fires, we here in California are being bombarded with flies. I am hoping they won’t be as bad this coming spring and summer. If they do come back in droves, I’m ready. My new bug zapper hangs (they provide the required items to hang) so I am installing mine right by the back door, because we spend a lot of time on our balcony with the lights we get those flying bugs, bad. I also love the fact that it does hum. There is no noise that comes from it just being plugged in. That hum would have drove me crazy, so thankful it doesn’t hum. This unit also has an on off switch so no plugging in and unplugging all season long. Love that feature.



I’m kind of bummed that it’s still winter.  When I got I plugged that bad boy in and imagined it was getting a swarm those No See-ums, that how bad I want to exact revenge on these little green buggers.  I like that it has a removable tray in the bottom so I can clear out the dead ones without having to take it down. Lol my hubby likes the blue light emitting a romantic glow according to the goofy man I married. But then, I told him what it was and why I got it. I can’t wait to use it.


I’m so happy with my bug zapper and would buy it again. I would also recommend it to others.

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