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Lighted Mirror w/Touch Screen Controls

Lighted Mirror With Touch Screen Controls

Ovonni L207 20 LEDs Touch Screen Makeup Mirror Adjustable LED Tabletop Countertop Lighted Make-up Cosmetic Vanity Mirror (Batteries Included), Black

Sold by: Storm Store

Anyone that puts on makeup should have such a mirror to help them put their best face forward. I love this mirror it tilts to and fro and rotates 180 degrees so it can be viewed either vertically or horizontally. Surrounding the outer edge is 20 LED lights that with the touch of a finger goes from very dim to extremely bright and back again.

I needed a lighted mirror simply because, as I get older the eyes aren’t what they used to be. The dimmer for lights allow me to adjust the brightness level to the way I like it or want to use there are several different combinations of brightness for me to choose from.

Like I said the mirror rotates or swivels to horizontal which I find useful when doing my hair. It takes 4 AA batteries to operate the mirrors’ lights. (those are included) Being LED it doesn’t suck up the batteries. I like that the stand also has a tray at the base of the mirror a convenient spot for me to leave my jewelry when I get ready for bed.

The mirror is really clear I didn’t find any pits, bubbles, or imperfections it’s a clear un altered image. I nice vanity or table top model. The mirrored surface is about the size of an 8 x 10  picture frame. Now that I can see really well whilst I do my makeup I have seen I need a different shade of blush lol.

This is a great mirror at affordable price. I would recommend it to others more importantly I would buy this same mirror again.

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