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Lightweight Cross Body Bag (Red)

Lightweight Cross Body Bag (Red)

SEEU Lightweight Crossbody Bag, Womens Shoulder Messenger Bag (Size of 13.7″ x 9.8″x 6.7″)



This bag is the perfect size for a week-end get away. I am using it for just that. Quite often my husband will come in from work and want to just grab a few items for a weekend getaway. The kids are grown so it happens more often now.

I have thrown in the bag an old comfy pair of jeans, a sweater, t-shirt, extra undies and socks, a swim suit and cover-up, trial sizes of all my favorite toiletries, a spare brush I had, and a pair of flip flops. So, when it happens that he comes home and says, “how long before you’re ready?” He will be shocked when I say, I’m ready now.

There is lots of room an lots of pockets it is perfect just what I needed. I could use for traveling back and forth to the gym. Except I don’t go to the gym but it would be perfect if I did. On top of the other stuff I could last minute add my phone wallet, candy, a book and then l just lace my big beach towel through handles and I am done.

This bag has 7 pockets total. Three of which are almost as long as the length of the bag and almost tall.  There two medium sized pockets in the front and then 2 side pockets, a bottle of water would fit into it perfectly. The shoulder strap is detachable and it can be carried like a briefcase.

It is just a really smart all-purpose bag that now that I have it I am not certain how I ever lived without it. Maximum it would hold depending on sizes is two days’ worth of clothes. Plus all the necessities. I would recommend this bag to others and have. It’s durable heavy parachute type material and it will wipe clean if you get the spill right away. It is also, water-resistant. If left in a puddle don’t expect your stuff inside to be dry but if falls into one a you snatch back. Your stuff is going to be okay and dry.

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