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Baby Earmuffs w/free safety latches

Baby Earmuffs w/free safety latches

Baby Ear Muffs/Headphones For Noise AND Hearing Protection W/BONUS Child Safety Kit To Childproof Your Home (Door Stoppers, Latches, Corner Protector, Toilet Lock) Max Comfort AND Noise Reduction

Sold by: uliels


A friend of mine just had a baby. Normally I would see these earmuffs and poke fun at them. However my friend with the new baby, has a definite need for these. You see her husband works at the race track. His job means they spend an awful lot of time at the race track. Let’s face it is plenty loud. Poor little girl it scares her to death.

It’s funny the pa system nothing, crowd of people cheering and clapping nada, after the race has started she sleeps to purr of all those Nascar, engines. But let her here one car start up and race its engine and if the baby’s’ not happy then nobody happy.

Sure enough, Wednesday night at the raceway she was all decked out in her checker flag footie and her noise dampening ear muffs and she slept like an angel. At first she hated them but after a minute or two I think she under stood cause she started looking around sort of giggling goo goo speak. Before we knew it; she was off to dreamland. They worked like charm.

I highly recommend these baby ear muffs if you like outdoor events.  Even nap time at home, maybe you have company coming by. There are a lot of situations where these could come in handy. The fourth of July another situation, whereas baby may not mind the bright lights, but the big booms another story. Only these would muffle the loudness of the event.

I just wish we weren’t so preoccupied with how cute she looked and I would have remembered to snap a couple pictures. Fortunately a stand in showed up so I made him put them on and snapped a couple photos.

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