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Power Socket w/Dual USB & LED Voltmeter

Power Socket w/Dual USB & LED Voltmeter

SOLOOP 12V Power Socket Dual USB +LED Voltmete Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter Charger with Digital Voltmeter Display

Sold by: Asymden


Any one that knows me knows that my pet peeve when buy new products is the instructions that often lack in instructions. That said, my more severe pet peeve is the lack of instructions what so ever. Which is the apparent downfall to this 12-V power Socket. It came all alone not even a slip of paper stating what it is let alone how to install.


That said, I got this for my husband who happens to be an electrician. He is also a car junkie. By car junkie I mean he has a Chevy El Camino, Camaro, and a Nova all are from the muscle car era.  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi didn’t exist, when these car were built. His pet project at the moment is his El Camino. I figured one of his restorations could be modified to the 21st century. I got the power plug for him.

Fortunately, he knows exactly how to hook this thing up and is excited about doing so. However, he runs on a different time frame than me. He isn’t ready to mount the power plug yet. He did hook it up to the car battery to make certain it works. He was very excited, when it did. Ha, that tells me even he wants a little of the modern conveniences that electronic technology can offer. Good thing, I was beginning to think he was stuck in the 60’s or 70’s at best.  When he finally does hook this plug up his El Camino will be wife friendly.


He likes the voltage meter aspects of the plug I like the two USB plug ports it has. He likes that they thought to cover the ports that way the modern USB ports won’t ruin the look of his ’69 El Camino’s dash and that it has an on/off switch so he won’t have LED shining on the dash all the time. He already has the spot for it drawn out on the dash, as he has to cut in a spot for it. So he must really want to modify this car. All in all, it’s a win because both mama and papa are happy.

Although this worked out well for me and my purchase the lack of instructions could lead to melt down of wiring harness if hooked up incorrectly so it really should come with installation guide. The only people I would recommend this to are those that are experienced in automotive electric and wiring.


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