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40 piece Cake Decorating Kit

40 piece Cake Decorating Kit

40 Piece Cake Decorating Kit, Includes Spatula, 24 Nozzles/Tips, 13 Piping Bags, 2 Couplers, and Flower Nail

Sold by: Kobi Goods


This kit contains everything I need to create all the beautiful cakes I choose, except the cake. The offset spatula is the best tool for icing cakes. I have used others and the problem is sometimes I have caught my hand in the icing. That makes a mess of me and my beautifully smoothed icing. Being offset as it is keeps my hand just enough higher off the cake that I don’t do that.

The tips included in this kit can be used to make scalloped edges, ribbon edge, even puffy star edging. Moreover, there are plenty of tips that if used properly flowers can be made such as daisy’s, peonies, and there’s a rose nail so with the tip that looks like a skinny teardrop, with point down this tip can be used to make roses.


Back when I learn to decorate cake I used rolled up parchment paper, to make icing cone. I love the reusable silicone icing bag so easy to clean and it doesn’t split down the side as the paper did. I like that they included two couplers at least I can have two different colors going at once. And the couplers allow me change tips whenever I want or need to.

It’s been 8 years since I made a decorator cake but I think I’ll will dust off the skills and make my honey a nice cake for the day before Valentine’s Day, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, ever. So, it would be just a cake for my honey. He has been great lately so, he deserves it.

One thing I know is this kit has so many tips 24 in all I’ll be busy making cakes for a long while.


***There was one tip missing and this company went above and beyond to make certain I was a happy customer, and rectified the situation immediately upon my contacting them. I would absolutely purchase from this seller again as they really care if me the consumer is happy with their products; customer service is a dying art and this seller is keeping it alive in a big way. Thank you to them. ***

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