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Camping Lantern/Flash

K5 Camping Lantern/Flashlight

APPHOME Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern Solar Lamp Lights Handheld Flashlights with Rechargeable Battery for Backpacking, Hiking, Fishing, Emergencies Outages(Black,Collapsible)

Sold by: Apphome Direct


It’s a flashlight, a Lantern and it can be an emergency power bank if you need to charge your phone or tablet. Low power usage and long life LED lamp heads that can last through 100,000 hours. Emergency power bank holds 1000 mAh. Unit uses AAA rechargeable batteries (included) and is rechargeable by means of the 110-250 volt charging cord using regular house hold electricity, it can also be charged with USB and USB adapter (not included) the wow factor is, it is also solar charged. Initial charge should be 10-12 hours depending on when the charged indicator light goes out.

I like that it is a lantern too. When camping, flashlights are necessary. A flashlight that can also create area lighting, now that’s a luxury. With a discharge time of 8 hours that’s a lot of light for my camp when we go. All I have to do is pull the top portion up and I have a lantern. Another nice feature is the strap handle makes it easy to carry as a flashlight.

I am going to be the queen of the bonfires with my new solar charges multi use and multi-purpose K5 Camping Lantern. So many ways to ensure I’m not left in the dark. I think it might be wise to get a couple more of these.

I have shown, bragged and boasted chatting up my new Camping light to all that would listen. I think everyone ought to carry at least one in their camping gear. I intend on mine to include a few.  I will absolutely be buying from this seller again because mainly I love this product. It came super-fast and undamaged. I am one happy camper.

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