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Solar Pathway Light

Solar Pathway Light

Solar Lights Outdoor, Bensnail 12LED Motion Sensor Light Waterproof all Weather Bright Security light for Yard Garden Patio Deck Driveway Pathway Door (1-Pack 2017 Version)

Sold by: Ben-Snail


Solar walk way light is meant to hand so that the light shines on the pathway we walk on. It is small but has huge light. It is sensitive to light and will turn itself off at dawn and then turn itself back on at dusk.

During the night, it will stay dimly lit until some thing or someone is seen by the motion sensor than it lights to its brightest for a period of about 30 seconds then returns to dim lighting. I am going to use this in the porch area, where the walkway is alongside the garage. There is a great big bush that blocks light from the porch so I just wanted a little light there.

This light installs with a screwdriver and hardware they include it only took me about 10 minutes. Most of that time was deciding where. Now that it’s done, I have my light that needed to be there and the best part is I don’t have to worry about a plug outlet or wires in my flower bed, because it is rechargeable and recharges itself by the sun.

Anyone who is looking to light up little area around their house I would recommend they look into getting one or some they are perfect for just that.

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