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Wet/Dry Power Hand Vacuum 12 volt

Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power Wet Dry Dust Buster Hand Vac Pet Hair Remover Crumbs Cleaner 120W 4000PA with 5m Cable 12V


This hand-held vacuum is exactly what I was looking for my mom to use in her car. She needed one that could stay in car. I wanted one that stays in her car and won’t take up a lot of room get since her car is full of dog. She needed a vacuum that could pick up that dog hair. She takes her dog just about everywhere with her. The dog hair from her Australia Shepard gets everywhere.


So, she needs one with attachments that will allow her to get under and between seats. I did a bit of window shopping and then surfed the net and finally decided that this vacuum might serve the purpose. I was sold more on the fact that it is a wet/dry vacuum. Mainly because she is always complaining about her dog spilling her water or my mom’s coffee. So, that wet vac feature may be a handy one to have.

Though having the attachments are important too. This vacuum has two a narrow wand attachments of different length, a brush attachment, and about a foot of hose. It has a mini heppa type filter that doesn’t allow dust to escape the vacuum either. I am really hoping this one will be perfect for her.

However, one major drawback with this mini vacuum is I going to have to find some sort of carrying case for it. That way the 2 attachments, the hose, attachment that is used for attaching the hose and attachment plus the vacuum. Therefore, I must find some sort of bag to store it in and keep it all together between uses.

The suction of wet/dry vacuum isn’t bad it does pick up dog hair after a few passes. So technically, it will meet her needs. One major plus is it was very affordable and it does clean up spilt dog water. I think it is going to see a lot of use but, probably by me. I don’t have problem making the couple extra passes it takes to pick up the dog’s hair. For the money, it’s a good vacuum compact vacuum.


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