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3 Port USB Charging Station

3 Port USB Charging Station

3-Port USB Charging Station, InkoTimes Detachable Charging Dock for iPhone / iPad / Universal Smart Phones and Tablets

Sold by: InkoTimes


I absolutely love my new charging station. It is a 3 port USB charger. Although, they do make one just like this one only it is for iPhone.  I only have Android devices. Yes, plural meaning more than one. All three devices I like to carry with me at the same time.


It allows me to charge my tablet, phone and a power bank all at the same time. The three-plug charger suits my needs perfectly. I like it because it is very compact It only takes up about the same amount of space as an 8-inch tablet. That’s with all three devices plugged in at once.


There is a blue LED light that lets you know that your station is on and charging. Although this is not an indicator that lets you know your device is charged it just lets you know the power is on, and ready to charge. I like the clear dividers allows me to check each device for full charge without having to pick it up or disconnect it.

During assembly, it is important to pay attention to the bottom of each clear bezel because there are two that are cut away at the bottom differently, one for each end.  Assembly is a snap takes less than a couple minutes. There was a clear plastic on each divider that was kind of a pain to get off but it is there to protect the clear pieces so its forgiven. Taking that stuff off took the most time.

I can also use my new charging station to charge my USB rechargeable gadgets too. I am a sucker for gadgets so I have quite a few. Now rest assured they are all charged and ready for use. I love it. I never knew I needed it until I got it. Now, I never want to not have it. The days of looking for an open outlet are over. At home, at least.

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