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4-Slot Universal Battery Charger

LCD Battery Charger

Warmonster 4-slots Universal Intelligent LCD Charger For Li-ion 18650 26650 16340 /Ni-MH AA AAA C / 3.2V FePO4 Rechargeable Batteries with Car Charger + US-Plug



Oh, my gosh, I have never been so happy as to finally have a battery charger for all of my rechargeable batteries. It seems most of our flashlights and yard art have rechargeable batteries. Even some of our appliances and radios have them.

It is nice to be able to charge 4 batteries at once. Especially when we are getting ready to go on a weekend excursion to the mountains or the beach. I can recharge all our batteries quickly. We can also, take the charger along if needed because this charger comes with a 12 v charging cord. I can use my cigarette lighter to charge them while we are on the go.

Also, my husband uses one of those headband flashlights at work daily. He always knows his light is charged now, since he comes home from work and puts the batteries in the charger and before he goes to bed, places them back into his headlight.

It’s so, nice not getting woke up at the crack of dawn to hunt down the least run down recharged batteries. They are all always charged now. I can’t believe I waited so long to get one of these battery chargers. Who knew how much extra sleep I could get just for having one. I highly recommend it if you have rechargeable battery operated devices and such it is too handy not to have.



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