500 Nylon Cable/ Zip Ties

500 Nylon Cable/ Zip Ties

ZesGood Nylon Cable Zip Ties, 4 6 8 10 12 Inches, 500 Pieces, Perfect for Home / Office / Garage / Workshop

Sold by: Zesgood


What can’t you do with zip ties. In my house, they are a hot commodity. We use them for everything. Tying cords together. When I put my Christmas lights away I use zip ties to tame all the wires. We used about 100 zip ties when we added the sheeting to our green house. When I take clothes in, to donate them. I zip tie the socks together so they will know it is a pair.

I found this huge assortment of 5 different sized zip ties from the 4-inch ones, that we use to fix our garden hoses. To the 12-inch size that are great for wrapping around extra blanket throws you have that are stored until company comes.

Of course, all of these uses for zip ties are household uses. I couldn’t begin to say how my husband uses them. I know he uses them at work when they have pulled several different wires all going to the breaker box he ties them together every other foot or so because it makes all those runs of wire more manageable. He also likes his breaker boxes to look neat and tidy.


This zip tie assortment has 100 of each of the following sizes, 12”, 10”, 8”, 6”, and the 4”, plenty of zip ties to get all kinds of odd jobs around the house done. These zip ties are a little thinner than the ones I have used but they do the job just the same.

I am happy with these zip ties and I am certain I will be buying more in the future. I would recommend to others.

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