Solar Powered Owl Scare w/flashing Lights and Frightening Sound

Solar Powered Owl Scarecrow

Hoont Realistic Owl Scarecrow with Flashing Eyes and Frightening Sound – Solar Powered and Motion Activated – Frightens Birds and Pests Out of Your Property

Sold by: Four Corners Dist.


I have a problem with pigeons. They want to roost under the roof eave of my second story we have tried everything to get rid of them, even getting a cat. That lazy cat doesn’t do anything about the birds. I got this scarecrow owl and placed it on the railing of my balcony and to my surprise the pigeons have left the building.

It has only been a few days but, I think the owl worked. I haven’t seen one pigeon since I put it out there. The eyes of the owl react and are flashing lights when something passes in front of the sensor located in the base of the owl. It also, begins to squawk when the eyes flash.

Did I mention the owl is solar powered and recharges itself with the sun daily? So, it’s pretty much maintenance free. You must make sure the solar panel doesn’t collect a lot of dust.  That’s the only maintenance required. I just set it in the path of those birds trying to nest and they haven’t been back.

Never dreamed it would take an owl scarecrow to rid our balcony of pigeons, but we are very happy it worked. Now, we can enjoy our coffee outside again without those dumb birds flying around getting droppings all around. The lack of droppings is so nice as it was a daily clean up chore. We have time for more relaxation or other chores that require our attention.


On the description, it claims to help with varmints in the garden as well. I don’t doubt that claim. I bet it does, as it worked within one day for birds. I would recommend to anyone having a problem with pesky critters, it’s definitely worth a try. It is an affordable alternative to traps or worse poison.We were able to block it now also.


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