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Wireless DoorBell w/2 receivers Digital

2 Receiver Door Bell

WenTop Wireless Doorbell Kit Digital Programmable Door Chime Operating at 1000ft with 2 Receivers and 1 Push Button Door Bell for Home, Apartment, Kids Room, Bedroom, Doors – Black

Sold by: WenTop-US

If you are needing a doorbell that can be heard out in the yard or in a back yard shop this one is the one you need. It is super loud. Although, the 6 different volumes can be adjusted to barely audible to I hope you’re not standing next to it when it goes off.

I like that it sounds like a doorbell. However, it also has 48 songs programmed into the device that I can choose on special occasions. I mainly wanted it for an inside doorbell. My husband has a shop in the back of our yard, that he spends a great deal of time in. It gets tiresome, having to chase him up for a phone call or someone comes over to visit. The doorbell transmitter has a range of over 900 feet, which is more than enough in our ½ acre backyard.

I installed the doorbell units whilst my husband was at work. The first time I used it he said it scared him to death, but it worked. He came up to house to find out what it was all about. After, explaining to him my new system for getting his attention he decided it was a great idea. At first, he balked at the idea thinking I want to ring the bell for the servant. He finally understood it was convenient for me not to have to run out there all the time.

Since installing the two receivers I haven’t had to chase him up at all. I didn’t install the button that way I can have it the kitchen, bedroom or living with me. Although everything needed for installing comes with the two receivers and button. One push of the button and it sounds off in the shop and the garage. So where ever he happens to be he can hear it even if his radio is going or he happens to be in between. I love it, now I don’t feel like his maid chasing him up for a phone call. It’s working better than I imagined.

If you spend a lot time in the yard or have a shop or even out by the pool if you can plug something in out there this is an easy affordable fix for hearing the doorbell when someone is at the front door or just need to let your tinkering husband know his dinner is ready I recommend you get one of these, they are fabulous.

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