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800 L Solar Powered Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

800 L Solar Powered Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

800 Lumen Solar Lights Outdoor, Bensnail Radar 48 LED Motion Sensor Light for Security with Weatherproof and Waterproof Stainless Aluminum Alloy Housing (3rd Version For 2017 – 1 Pack)

Sold by: Ben-Snail


 This motion and light sensored solar rechargeable light is small enough it can go anywhere, but with 48 LED lights you would never know it is so versatile. It gives big bright daylight in darkness type lighting. It is perfect for alongside my garage where we keep our trash bins.

Quite often I find myself outside late setting the trash bins to the curd in complete darkness. Not anymore. I got this light that is free to use since after initial cost which is very affordable it won’t cost me anymore to run because it is rechargeable via the sun.

Now if hubby is working late and the barrels must get to the curb. I have this big bright light to help me see what I’m doing. It only shines super bright for about 30 seconds. Enough to see your way when it senses motion it turns on and then turns itself off. It will not run down the battery by being on during the day it has a sensor in it that tells it its light outside and stays off until dark.


It is also nice security as well, unless the light goes on, I know no one or nothing is on the side of my house. I love it and will be buying one for my daughter for her back-yard area that is off an ally. She will see the light come on if someone enters her yard through the ally now.

I would recommend this economical fix for dark pathways or areas around your house that need to be lit when you enter the area.

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