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All Natural Body Wraps 5pk

All Natural Body Wraps

Contouring Slimming All Natural Ultimate Body Wrap 1 Sample Wrap

Sold by: DIP Trade


I must admit I was skeptical about these Body Wraps. I decided to try it hoping it would help me fit into a dress I bought to go to my thirty-year reunion with my school friends. We get together at least every 5 years and catch up on each other’s lives.

I wanted of course look my best, if not fabulous. That is why I bought these slimming body wraps. I’ll start with the worst part of the wraps. They are painful to remove. Like a giant band-aid across your belly. After that here is what I learned and the good parts.


They have no odor and leave no residue behind, when you remove it from your belly area. The best way to remove is just like you would any band-aid, quickly. The test- before I put one of these band-aid patch type wrap on I measured my waist. I was not happy with the measurement at 31-inches. That is before the wrap. I applied the wrap right after my shower, about an hour before bed. It is not required to be active once wrap is applied so I wrapped while sleeping.

By morning, I had been wearing the wrap for approximately 7 ½ hours. I removed the wrap, quickly. Then measured my waist again. Flat out amazed I had lost 1 ½ inches, off my waist. Yeah! That is more than enough, well about a ½ inch to spare for me to get into my new dress. The following day I measured my waist again and another ½ had shed after, removing the wrap.


The package contains 5 wraps. The instructions say to combine diet and exercise to be more effective. I had no adverse reactions. A little bit of redness but it faded right away. I know the redness was due to removing wrap. As stated earlier it is painful, but hey beauty is pain.


I can’t wait to see my old friends next weekend. I will apply a wrap a couple days before and then the night before we go south to meet up with them. I will be looking fabulous with only and 2-inch difference in my figure since high school. As you can imagine, I am a big fan of body wraps now. I don’t know how long the effects last, but I do know longer than 48 hours. That is more than enough time for most special occasion if affects are not permanent. What I know is I am going to have a fabulous time and I’m going to look fabulous while doing it.

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