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Men’s Padded Bike Shorts Loose Fit

FitPadded Bike Shorts Loose Fit

HAMSWAN Men’s Loose-Fit 4D Padded Breathable Bike Shorts for Cycling(X-Large)

Sold by: HAMSWAN

My husband loves these bike shorts. When I told, him I got him a pair of bike shorts. He was thinking “Bike shorts” like l. Armstrong would wear. Nothing wrong with that type of bike short but I know him better than that, he would never wear that style.


We take our bikes when we head out to the lake, go camping, and ride sometimes on the bike trails here in town. The problem is my husband’s buttocks gets sore from the ride as he hasn’t got the padding I do. These bike shorts have padding for your behind. When we went out to the bike trails the other day he had them on and didn’t have the same soreness he has experienced other times.


The shorts look like regular shorts. They are loose fitting almost like board-shorts, only with padding. They are made from a soft breathable fabric. They launder great, and didn’t shrink even a little bit. My husband is 6’ 4” weighs approximately 265 lbs. and the X-large fit him perfectly.


The only complaint he has about the shorts is there is only one pocket. A cargo style pocket he likes that style he just wishes there were two of them. One for his phone and one for his wallet. But he is willing to live with the one pocket for the added comfort that the padded bike shorts offer.

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