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Posture Corrector Back Brace

MEDIZED Adjustable Posture Corrector Back Support Shoulder Back Waist Support Brace Belt for Men and Women (XL)
Sold by: MEDIZED
I got the posture correction brace for my nephew. At 11 years old, he is wearing a size 14 EEE shoe, is almost 6-feet tall and because of this is being teased unmercifully by his class mates. This teasing causes him to sit, stand, and walk hunched over.
I ran across this posture correction brace, whilst surfing Amazon. His parents believe he is going to need a bone specialist someday, because he is already complaining that when he stands up straight it hurts his back. So, I am hoping that this will help him. First, we had to convince him that being tall isn’t a terrible thing, before he would even try it on.
He finally did try it, and realized it made his back feel better. So, he has agreed to wear it after school, but only inside the house. The way the posture correction brace works, is the shoulder straps are Velcro attached to the waist band. Once adjusted, when the waist band is fastened around him it pulls his shoulders back.
The rigid bracing in the back that rests against his spine does not allow him to stand, sit or walk hunched over. I think he gained another inch of height just in the last week since, he began wearing it. At least, his parents resting easier hoping that the posture corrector will stave off the need for orthopedic intervention. That is if he continues to wear it. I remind him that girls don’t want a hunch-backed boyfriend and girls seem to be the best motivator. Boys!
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