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Ultra Soft Absorbent Yoga Towel

Super Absorbent Yoga Towel

ELENKER Yoga Mat Towel (24″x72″), Super Soft Ultra Absorbent Non Slip Skidless Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel, Protect Your Yoga Mat and Improve Your Grip, Machine Washable, One Sided Fleece

Sold by: Elenker (US seller)


I added yoga to my exercise routine and have been trying to learn it for about 7 months. I am teaching myself so, I’m always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to learning all the poses, equipment needed and what tools or accessories work the best. It has been an arduous task to get all of the items they make for yoga enthusiast.

Doing yoga poses can really turn up the sweating the movements are so controlled. It is tough workout. I have been making do with a beach towel when I exercise, but for yoga it has to grip the mat. I got this one for this purpose. Because one thing I learned right off was to keep the mat dry. If you don’t keep it dry it can be very slippery.


I am a novice at this so, I just found out that these are special towels. I had seen them but I just thought it was a towel. Yoga towels are made to work in conjunction with the mat. They are wick moister away keeping my mat dry and it saves me a little time because the towel I just throwing washer. The towel for yoga doesn’t slip off the mat like my terry cloth one I think it’s the micro fiber material it’s made of that keeps it from slipping. So, one of these is almost as important as not wearing socks. You will slip and slide and fall over.

I got this towel because I like the purple and it matches all my other yoga gear, it’s all purple. I was surprised how soft it is yet, still doesn’t slip off my mat. It fits the length and the width of my mat is 30-inches so this towel is just a little narrower. It also came in its own drawstring bag.  The makers name embroidered in one corner and finished nicely with a whip stitch all the way around it’s edges. It’s a really nice towel.


I have gotten so much better at yoga now that I am not trying to do my poses on a slip and slide. Crazy huh, but hey we are learning at one time or another.

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