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Emoji Pencil Case 2 pank

Emoji Pencil Cases 2 pack

Emoji Pencil Pen Case Pouch Bag with Zipper for Girls, Kids,School Student Stationery Office Supplies Pack of 2 Black and White

by oobest


These are fun zipper pouch pencil cases the emoji is here to stay. My grand kids love emoji stuff. I hadn’t seen these before. I am hoping they haven’t either cause I’m going to hold onto them until back to school to add to their back to school supplies box.


I think they will be a big hit. The black background on the one highlights each different emoji there have on the case. Recognizable emoji’s that we have all grown familiar with. However, the white zipper pouch pays homage to some of the more famous emoji’s and they are picture slightly larger than those on the black zipper case.


They are made well, zippers move freely, and made from what feels like a heavy durable fabric, Truthfully, the only flaw I found really isn’t a flaw, but a standard No. 2 pencil will fit tightly if brand new or never been sharpened. Pencils fit better if sharpened down a little bit.  They do hold quite a bit more than enough room for a pencil sharpener a hole punch a small stapler and staples a couple highlighters a fist full of pencils, a few erasers and couple makers. Easily all of that will fit in one zipper case.

I totally recommend these they’re fun and bring a smile to your face. Nice to have a pouch to throw in your back-pack and have all the tools needed for school.

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