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Skull Ring w/cz

Skull Ring

EVBEA CZ Skull Engagement Ring for Women Gothic Bling Jewelry Cocktail Aphrodite Solitaire Diamond Ring (8)

Sold by: EVBEA Ltd


This is a gorgeous stone in this ring. When I bought this ring, I must not have paid attention to the description because I had no idea it had skulls on it. It was my husband that spotted the skulls. LOL I just thought it was a usual setting.

The center cubic zirconia sparkles brilliantly atop the ring it is flanked by two skulls than surrounded by a ribbon of more cubic zirconia, 79 total if you include the large one. Needless to say, there is a whole lot of glitz and sparkle that radiate from this ring I promise you, you will not be disappointed if you get it too.

I have had it on about a day and a half and so far, no discoloration or green hue on my finger. In my experience, I would call this a fashion ring, not so much an engagement ring, not that it couldn’t be. If you were expecting a traditional style ring move along this is not for you.

The description states a gift box comes with the ring. Mine came inside an organza drawstring bag not a box. I wish it had since I planned on giving it as a gift. There was not a gift box included so, now I have to find a presentation box myself to gift it. I did however, come with a gift a beautiful friendship bracelet that has an unusual pattern it is really nice brightly colored bracelet of red, yellow and white.


The maintenance card isn’t so much about keeping my new ring sparkling and shiny it is more of a list of things not to do whilst wearing the ring. I am still pondering on why “not to wear whilst sleeping”. No. 4 on the list.


If you are Gothic enthusiast, or if you like big chunky rings this is a real beauty. I recommend it. It has beautiful stones that catch the light and give off lots of vibrant colors.


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