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Solar Activated Grasshopper

Solar Activated Grasshopper

TYR TOYS Children Learning Toy Solar Power Toy Solar Powered Grasshopper



My husband went crazy for this little guy. The grasshopper carries around a solar panel on his back and when placed in direct sunlight he is ready to pounce his prey. He shimmies and shakes until he finds shadows then he is quiet again.

Just like real insects when the shadow of a human casts over them they stay still trying not to be seen. The solar grasshopper does the same. Once back in full sunlight he begins his dance again. Just a note you don’t charge the grasshopper. It works through exposure to bright sun even over cast skies it will not work has to be bright sunlight.

My husband was giggling and belly laughing the entire time he played with this toy. He is my biggest kid and toy tester and he gives it 2 thumbs up. He loves it. He couldn’t get enough of the googly eyes as the little bug shook, rattled, and shimmies across the giant flower he is sitting on.

This is cute toy really unique and the novelty of it makes it fun. Never saw anything like it. I would recommend it to others its affordable and unique you have to try it to understand.

*note the noise is the metal feet of the grasshopper on a glass dish grasshopper does not make any noise.
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