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Winter Hat Faux Fur (Ushanka)

Ushanka Winter Faux-fur Hat

Winter Bomber Hat Trooper Trapper Hat Ushanka Russian Hats Ear Flaps Strap with Windproof Mask

Sold by: Giant Dragon

This type of winter cap gets it roots from the frigid cold winters of Russia. My granddaughters, just moved from sunny So. Cal to lake affect snow in Ohio. Not used to the bitter cold of the Mid-West, I have worried about them freezing to death since they moved so when I did some research I found the Russian Ushanka is the best in bitter cold especially wind driven.


I can tell you this I had this hat on for about 5 minutes and my head was so warm. I was pleasantly surprised. I love how the earflaps can be raised up and fastened together at the top of one head. This hat is unlike other hats there is no mistaking what type of hat it is. They say one size fits most I think that is true I know my 11 year old granddaughter it will fit her yet it also fits me.


This Ushanka happens to be faux fur lined and a polyester outer shell so it can be laundered although, I think I would hand wash and let it air dry. When the flaps are down, ears stay super warm and the back covers the back of the neck keeping wind and cold out. This also hat also comes with a mask that snaps on. The breathable mask helps protect the rest of my face from the cold.


I got the pink because that is the girls favorite color, I love the pink it a vibrant hot pink shade up against the grey faux fur the combination is pretty. I know now that the girls are going to be a little less frozen with these hats.

I think, no I know, that if I lived in that area I would for certain want a few of these they keep all your heat in from the top down plus the look great on.

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