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20 oz. Skull Mug w/ LED lights

Skull Mug w/LED lights

Fun Central (AU539) LED 20oz Skull Mug – Multicolor

Sold by: Cool Glow

This skull mug is impressive it is super clear plastic mug great for parties or just a novelty at home. It holds 20 fluid ounces of whatever beverage you like. I do not know if hot beverages would be okay so I will just stick to iced beverages.

The Skeleton mug comes alive when the LED lights are activated. A push button on the bottom of the mug starts the light show. Three different modes to choose from steady on, and slow strobe or flash. I like the fast strobe the most, it flickers and flashes multitude of colors at a high rate of speed.

This isn’t one of those throw away at the end of the battery life novelty mugs because, the batteries are replaceable. They are also included. The use of Led lights means the batteries last a long while. They do not draw as much power as a light bulb would.

My daughter is very much into skulls so, this I got for her. Hoping to add to her birthday a present that is silly and fun as she is turning 31. Maybe she can have a birthday toast from her new skull mug with all the lights flashing. I would recommend this mug to others because its crazy things like this that make that evening at home, or party with friends that make it that much more memorable.

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