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Car Seat Protection for Pets

MixMart Pet Front Bucket Seat Cover for All Cars Trucks SUVs Waterproof Non Slip Backing – Black

Sold by: MixMart-US

I drive a little turbo convertible and my fur-baby rides shot-gun almost every time I go somewhere. I have leather seats in my car and have already had to have the stitching repaired in the seat. I believe it is her claws, doing the tearing up. She loves to look out the window as we flying down the highway. To do this she has to stand on her tip toes of her back paws. So, when I saw this seat cover made especially for pets I had to have for my car. It fit so well I would swear it is custom made for that seat. It’s a German import and I have a hard time finding any accessories for it.

To fit the cover to my seat there is a buckle strap that fits over the headrest. And another that goes around the back of the chair and then a piece of PVC pipe threaded through a piece of nylon this is how the back and seat portion is anchored to the seat. This pipe goes between the back of the seat and the seat itself. Then it has a skirting that covers the seat sides and front. Tightened both buckled parts and it is stable and does not slide around.

On the underside of the seat portion has a rubber non-slip backing. Bella loves it as she doesn’t slip on the seat anymore now she enjoys going bye-bye even more than ever. I love it because it is protecting my entire seat from claw damage. It is so much more affordable to have this cover than to have the leather repaired. The best part is when it gets soiled I can throw the whole thing in the washing machine and line dry it. The buckles make it easy to remove and replace easily. It is one of my favorite finds

I recommend this seat cover for pets to everyone I know because we all have traveling dogs. Although if you are inclined to take your cat on the road with you I am certain it will work the same for a cat.

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