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Papa’s Know Everything Coffee Mug

Papa Knows Everything Coffee Mug

 Papa Mug – 11OZ Bone China Porcelain Coffee Tea Cup – PAPA Knows Everything And if he doesn’t he can make up something real fast! – Unique Office Gifts for Men & Husband! Father’s Day, Grandpa

Sold by: iChefer

Our granddaughters used to think their papa hung the moon every night. in the morning, he would drag the sun out before they wake. Now that they have grown up a bit and know that their papa loves them very much. even so, he is not in charge of bright moon evenings and warm sunny days.


One thing their Papa always has is funny stories that make them laugh. In their hearts, their papa does know everything, and when he doesn’t, he never lets on that he hasn’t a clue he just makes up even better stories.

This mug is perfect for him and he uses to have his coffee, every morning. The mug is not extremely heavy. it is a bright white bone china. It has black lettering that reads “PAPA Knows Everything And if he doesn’t he can make up something real fast!” He loves his coffee mug as you can see in the picture I have added. I will end up prying it away from him to wash it just like his sweatshirt “World’s Best Papa,” I had a hard time getting into the washer because he was always wearing it.

This is a nice gift for the know it all in your or your children or grandchildren’s’ lives.Shipped in a nice box suitable for wrapping. When the newness wears off I will put it on his desk to hold writing instruments. If he ever puts it down. Lol

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