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Desk Lamp w/Message

Desk Lamp,Walkas Lamp with Message Board Rechargeable LED Reading Lamp Touch Sensor-Blue

Sold by: Walkas Official Store


This is the neatest bedside lamp, or like me, I have it on a table right inside the front door. That way my husband or me can jot down a note to one another as we head out of the house. Just a note to let him know where I am or where he is. It makes a great night light when I just have the tablet light on it is a blue hue but enough light to see if a note has been left.


The light is small & compact it literally can be used anywhere and its rechargeable. We can take on vacation or simply use it in different areas of our home. I like it near the door. My husband has always been lackadaisical about leaving a note when he leaves. Whatever the reason may be, he has been much better about leaving a note behind ever since getting this lamp.

I asked him what is was that caused him to start leaving notes and it is because the little desk lamp on the table by the door with the write board reminds him to do so. So, thank you whomever invented this I am finally more informed about husband’s whereabouts than I have been in over twenty years.



Once it charged for the initial charge time of 4 hours I only have to charge it every other day or so. It depends on how much we used the light in conjunction with the note pad. I love this new desk lamp/note pad I would recommend to others. Who knows maybe it could help someone else remember to leave a message of their whereabouts.

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