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Foot Pump w/Pressure Gauge

Enkeeo Foot Activated Floor Pump with Gauge, 120 PSI, Fits Presta & Schrader, No Valve Changing Required, Ball Needle/Inflation Cone Included for Cycle Tires, Sports Balls, Black

Sold by: Suaoki


I got this air pump because of its compact size and versatility. I can air up a car tire in just a few minutes. Or put air in one the red hand ball/ dodge balls for the grand kids. Also, if my honey and I want to go on a bike ride which are few and far between. I can just about guarantee the tires on our bikes will need air before we can go.

This little pump can manage all those jobs and more. It delivers 120 psi with every upright pump. The metal bar sits atop the pump keeping its compact size until ready to use. When the bar releases the pump extends upward and the bar becomes leverage. You stand on it to steady the pump whilst your other foot does the pumping.

It takes no time at all to air up a car tire. The dual valve has the Presta valve (for road tires) and the Schrader Valve (for Balls, Bikes etc.) Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and thick hard plastic. The base of the pump is home to two stashed needles for airing up exercise balls and sports balls.

One very nice feature this foot pump has is a pressure gauge built right in. It has large numbers so it’s easy to unless you can’t see to begin with. The gauge proved to be accurate since it was tested against 2 other tire pressure gauges, one small key chain and the other on my husband’s air compressor. Either they are all three wrong or this gauge is accurate. The entire pump weighs in less than a pound and takes up less than a square foot it is going to go into my emergency kit I keep in my car. I have already had to air up my tires on my bike and with little effort got it done.

I am really happy with the compact size and the big jobs this pump can get done I would recommend this smart purchase to others of course. Sometimes you just know you got your monies worth, this is one of those times.


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