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Hydroponic Growing kit

Hydroponics Grow kit

Indoor Hydroponics Grower Kit, Pathonor 11 Pod 3.5 gal Non-transparent DIY Educational DWC Self Watering Hydroponics Tools Plant Cloner Kit Include Aquarium Air Pump, Buoy, Planting Baskets etc

Sold by: Pousrewus


I wanted to try my hand at growing plants hydroponically because I love to garden, but I am unable to do it. Several years ago, I got a severe case of hyperthermia. Once you are struck down by hyperthermia. It is very easy to either imagine you are getting it or get it easier. I spent just about 1 too long outside and for that little bit of time it took me 8 months to be over it.

Hydroponics will give me the opportunity to enjoy gardening again without the risk of hyperthermia. Not certain if it will fulfill that want but it’s worth a try. So, I shopped around and this hydroponics kit has everything needed for a great starter kit, at a great starter price. Everything but the plants and the water. A plant cloning kits, aquarium air pump, planting baskets, instructions that walk you through the entire process, starting with seeds to picking your crop, and making clones. Easy to understand instructions. I don’t about anyone but I so appreciate great instructions.

I can’t wait to get started. It has been years since I have done any gardening so I’m super excited. I have discovered even more reasons to grow hydroponically, for example I learned that plants grow bigger and faster. In the case where it is food you are growing that’s a big deal. Moreover, growing hydroponically reduces the amount pests that will or can invade your garden. If I wasn’t wanting to try for the aforementioned reasons, the two reasons I just gave would be enough for me to want check it out.


This kit makes it really affordable for me to explore gardening the hydroponics way. I would absolutely recommend this kit to others. Gone to pick out seeds

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