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Kid Headphones Purple Lamb

Kids Headphones – Easy Adjustable Kids costume Headband SILKY Headphones for Children, Perfect for Travel and Home – Sheep
Sold by: FIRIK
These headphone headbands have got to be the cutest things ever. The purple is perfect for my little granddaughter. She bothers everyone when she is watching her YouTube videos of kids building sand castles. That is her favorite video. When she plops down in the middle of her sisters trying to watch something and they have YouTube blasting in their ears.
So, I had to have the little lamb because purple is her favorite and I am hoping she won’t be banished as often to another room because he video is too loud. The headphones tuck inside the head band and it fastens around her head and the head phone sit over her ears instead of inside them.
I’m thinking she is going to love them: I know one thing her sisters are going love me for getting these head phones for her. I would recommend them to others. As a grandma, I don’t think kids should have the noise canceling ear buds they may hurt their ears shoving them in to hard or something that’s why I like these so much. They rest outside the ears.
I know for little kid earphones they sound really good. I was amazed. The speaker can be completely removed so the headband can be washed. From the size, these are going to fit children from four to maybe seven years of age.
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