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Portable Wireless Speaker Round

YongCheng Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful LED Light and Compatible with all Bluetooth Devices,Handsfree Speakerphone and 3.5mm Jack(Black)

Sold by: YongchengDirectFactory

This is a great little speaker. It’s about the size a baseball, maybe a bit bigger. Wireless, blue-tooth, it is a card reader. No hands answering what more could you want. A great speaker big rich sound couldn’t believe it when I heard the first time.

This speaker is great for outside listening to tunes at the lake or park. I have gotten to the place where I leave it in my car because no matter where I end up I’m going to want my music. It is small enough to leave in the glove box. Love that I can save my music to a micro SD card which some of those can hold up to 8 + hours of all my favorite songs.

This speaker puts on a light show that bumps & bops with every sound that comes out of it. It comes with the cords that are needed. As far as wireless Blue-Tooth speakers this one is so reasonably priced I thought. I was leery cause it wasn’t all that expensive. Just proven once you can still get a great deal if you look around for them.

I would absolutely recommend this speaker to those I am closest to. It’s a great speaker so great everyone keeps trying to get their hands-on mine.

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