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Set of 2 Detangling Brushes

Detangling Hair Brushes

Flend Detangling Brush Set (Blow-Dry Brush+Full Round Curling Brush) for Hair Styling and Scalp Massage (Golden brown)

Sold by: Flend US

The first thing I notice about these brushes are that they are very light weight. I can appreciate that since, I have a lot of hair not just long but extremely thick. Blow drying wet hair can get tiresome so, a light brush is nice. They also have soft grip handles and each bristle has a ball tipped end making it easy to brush through my hair. Even when my hair was wet I could brush through it comfortably. img_5367

Because my hair is so thick a good brush is a must. I have had brushes that simply rip through my hair causing breakage. Then there are those brushes that glide across my hairs top layer never quite reaching through to all layers.

I needed a new “good” brush, you know what I mean by good brush. We all have what I call my “I’ll give it a try” brushes, the ones that end up in a drawer because they weren’t quite the “good” brush.  I searched Amazon for Flend* (see below) products to see if they carry brushes. They do have a couple to choose from. I chose this pair of detangling brushes. They absolutely earned the “good” brush spot on my vanity. The full round did too.

The pair of brushes one a half round for blow drying and the other a full round curling brush. When I was a teenager I got a round brush stuck in my hair so badly it had to be cut out. I had sworn off round brushes all together. I am happy to say the exclusion of the round brush is over. These brushes glide through my hair even the round and for the first time in over 30 years I was able to style my hair as I did then.

I think I am a Flend customer for life since, I have purchased several of their products and they continue to impress me. Just like everything else these brushes are high quality made extremely well and work exactly as described. I love my new brushes and today I am rocking Farah Facett hair.


I would highly recommend these brushes from Flend to anyone. I know it is a good solid product I am an extremely happy return customer.

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