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Bamboo Shoe/Boot Bench

Bamboo Bench

MGcool 2-Tier Detachable Bamboo Shoe Bench Storage Racks Seat

Sold by: MGcool

I haven’t ever seen bamboo other than its natural state as a living plant. I got this shoe bench for my back porch because the guys were traipsing mud into the house from my back yard which is more of a shop yard than the backyard party kind. Although now that it is all put together I need a new plan. Bamboo wood is very rich in color and has a very light grain it is beautiful wood, who knew? I didn’t.   img_5513


The bench is made from 100% Bamboo wood, it comes unassembled. By unassembled I mean I had to put the legs on the seat and add two ready made, slat shelves. I got tired of waiting for my hubby to put it together so, I did it myself.

Everything I needed to put the bench together was in the box. All holes are pre-drilled which made it super easy to put together. I got it all out of the box to inventory parts and they were all included. Instructions are basically drawings that depict the putting together of the bench. The graphics are well done and easy to follow. I think it took 15 minutes from un-boxing to my shoes in my room setting in the corner.  Even the Allen wrench needed to assemble is included. I did use a pair of pliers but that was to keep the bolt from spinning whilst tightening the nut.

The bench has a simple design and the seat and two shelves are already assembled so it wasn’t any major undertaking to put it together I think it’s a beautiful addition to my room. The wood is sanded smooth and the corners and edges are rounded enough to remove any sharpness. It has been clear coated but it is its natural color.

I would definitely recommend the bamboo bench to others its timeless style and the beautiful bamboo wood I extremely happy with it.  By the way the guys aren’t put cruddy boots on it, instead I used it to hold my house shoes, flip flops, and sneakers, and my purse.

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